The »Eton crop« in Vienna, a series of Art Deco fashion magazines, 1925-1932

INTERNATIONALE FRISIERKUNST UND MODE (SCHÖNHEITSPFLEGE) [International Hair-Style and Fashion (Beauty Care)]. 5 issues. With pictorial covers and numerous b/w text illustrations. Vienna: 1925-1932.

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INTERNATIONALE FRISIERKUNST UND MODE (SCHÖNHEITSPFLEGE) [International Hair-Style and Fashion (Beauty Care)]. 5 issues (June and Sept. 1925, June 1926, Oct. 1931 und May 1932). With multicolour pictorial covers and numerous b/w text illustrations (i.e. repros of drawings by Jean Claude, Helly Eichhorn (Förster), Leo Levinka and Liesel Sorger among others, photo reproductions (of photos by Franz Löwy) as well as illustrated advertisements. Wien: Adolf Nefzger (Gottlieb Gistel & Cie) 1925-1932. 4°. Pages 145-172; 229-256; 141-168; [181-183] 184-200; [69] 70-83 [84]. Original saddle-stitched pictorial covers.

Set with 5 exemplary issues of this monthly magazine for fashion, hair-styling and beauty care from Vienna, founded in 1914 and published until 1937. From year 1929 onwards „fashion was changed to „beauty care“ in the subtitle.

Contents, Illustration: Starting with 1921 the covers designs became progressively by using bright colour, geometrical elements, collages and unconventionally arranged contemporary fonts. Most notably this modernisation was achieved by incorporating drawings from mainly French art deco artists like Marcel Fromenti and Jean Claude, reproduced by cliches originally made for the Paris magazine »La Coiffure et les Modes«. Additionally the review also was a platform for young Austrian artists like Helly Eichhorn(-Förster) (e.g. cover for issue Oct. 1931), the German studio Henkel-Szymanski, and also for Franz Löwy, a renown photographer of nudes and celebrities from theatre and movie circles, who contributed numerous photographies showing actresses with the typical „Eton crop“ as well as fashionable hats and costumes. Apart from articles and notes related to fashion, hair-styling and beauty »Frisierkunst« also achieved to simply entertain the audience, with short-stories, poems, puzzle games and caricatures.

Condition: Covers in parts with minor staines, some issues with vertical fold, otherwise, otherwise fresh and representative set or this well attractively designed fashion magazine.

Reference: Starl, p. 297f. (Löwy).

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