Röding’s profusely illustrated core work on nautics in a highly collectable state

J. H. RÖDING: ALLGEMEINES WÖRTERBUCH DER MARINE… [GENERAL MARINE DICTIONARY IN ALL EUROPEAN LANGUAGES…] 4 vol. With 115 copper engraved plates. Hamburg, Halle and Leipzig: 1794, 1796 and 1798.

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Johann Hinrich RÖDING: ALLGEMEINES WÖRTERBUCH DER MARINE IN ALLEN EUROPAEISCHEN SEESPRACHEN NEBST VOLLSTAENDIGEN ERKLÄRUNGEN [GENERAL MARINE DICTIONARY IN ALL EUROPEAN LANGUAGES AT SEA ALONG WITH COMPLETE EXPLANATIONS]. Text in German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. 4 volumes (1: A-K, 2: L-Z, 3: Index, 4: Atlas). With 115 plates, whereof 9 folded and partly double-paged, depicting 796 copper engravings mainly by Andreas Stöttrup, as well as 1 engraved typographic title page and 3 printed charts, whereof 2 folded (in vol. 1 and 2) . Hamburg, Halle and Leipzig: Conrad Müller for Philipp Andreas Nemnich, Johann Jacob Gebauer (vol 1) and Adam Friedrich Böhme (vol. 2-4) 1794, 1796 and 1798.

Crown 4to (24:19,6 cm) [2 (engraved title)], VIII pages, 936 colums, 2 letterpress tables (1 folded); [2 (letterpress title)], 948 colums [1 (colophon), 1 folded letterpress table; [2 (letterpress title)], 168 (Dutch index), 104 (Danish), 104 (Swedish), 172 (English), 148 (French), 110 (Italian), 136 (Spanish), 124 (Portuguese) colums, 184 and 24 colums (bibliography, supplements). Copper engravings and letterpress, in contemporary half leather covers over cardboard, spines with gilt ornamental title printing, yellow and marbled cut on all sides and marbled end papers.

First edition of this lexicographic core work for nautical use, profusely illustrated with an impressive range of plates containing almost 800 pictures.

Contents, Illustrations: All plates are engraved in great detail and printed in sharp contrast on firm mould paper with wide margins. The plates show different types of boats and vessels for cargo as well as naval purpose, knots, navigational equipment and manoeuvres, rope-making as well as ship and sail construction. Vol. 1 and 2 make up the actual dictionary, vol. 3 consists of a comprehensive bibliography starting with 1494, as well as comparative indices for the 9 languages involved. Vol., containing the plates and detailed captions, is often missing. Originally this work, the most comprehensive for nautical purposes of it's time, was published in 7 parts starting with 1793.

Condition: Last sheet of vol. 3 foxy, covers in parts worn, edges and corner occasionally slightly bumped, some plates with minor tears at joints, generally a collectable copy indeed, very hard to find in such a splendid condition.

Provenance: Doublet from the Biblioteca Ducalis Gothana (nowadays Gotha Research Library), with a small doublet stamp from the 19th century on the back of the engraved title page.

References: Cat. Nederland. Scheepvaart. Mus. II, 1001; Graesse VI, 146; Schröder 3241, Zischka, S. 75 (states »Katholikon« as main title).

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