Richly illustrated tiny scroll edition of the »Book of Esther«, 1930s

MEGILLAT ESTER [The Book of Esther]. Tel Aviv: Sini (or Sinai), s.a. [1930s].

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MEGILLAT ESTER [The Book of Esther]. Tel Aviv: Sini (or Sinai), s.a. [1930s].

275,5:12,2 cm (scroll), 7 cm diameter (illustrations). Colour offset and letterpress, machine paper on cream stock rolled on renewed white board stick, all in board case with multicolour pictorial title printing.

Scarce scroll edition of the »Book of Esther«, one of the five Scrolls (»megillot«) of the Hebrew Bible, in which the tale of persecution and salvation of the Jewish people during the Achaemenid Persian Empire of the 4th century BC is told.

Edition, Illustration: The »Book of Esther« is a particularly important narrative for Judaism, celebrated by reading aloud on Purim to this day. Many manuscript versions were made since the 15th century, and a big number of printed editions published, most of them illustrated and often for children and tourists (with thanks to Eric Chaim Kline). The tiny but long scroll (275,5:12,2 cm) consists of 24 columns of Hebrew text enriched by 12 multicolour circular colour offset illustrations depicting different scenes from the tale.

Condition: Title part and some margins with small faults, all professionally restored and with no loss of text or illustration. Print in parts slightly worn, case creased, with some tears at margins and stained; generally a good copy of this hard to find gorgeous object published by Sinai in Tel Aviv.

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