Reye’s iIllustrated meteorological and astronomical study, with 4 „storm maps“ and photos of solar prominences, 1880

Theodor REYE: DIE WIRBELSTÜRME, TORNADOS UND WETTERSÄULEN… [Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Weather Columns (…), With Consideration of Solar Storms.] With 5 multi-folded lithographic maps and 2 colour lithographed solar prominences. Hannover: 1880.

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Theodor REYE: DIE WIRBELSTÜRME, TORNADOS UND WETTERSÄULEN IN DER ERD-ATMOSPHÄRE mit Berücksichtigung der Stürme in der Sonnen-Atmosphäre. [Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Weather Columns in the Earth's Atmosphere, With Consideration of Solar Storms.] Zweite, unveränderte Ausgabe. [2nd unrevised edition.] With 5 multi-folded lithographic maps engraved by C. Griebel after Redfield, Reid and Piddington, furthermore 3 plates, where of 2 with colour lithographies (solar prominences) and 1 wood-engraved, as well as numerous, partly full-paged wood-engraved text illustrations. Hannover: Carl Rümpler (Gebrüder Jännecke (lithographic maps) and J. G. Bach (colour lithographies; August Grimpe (letterpress) 1880.

Imperial 8vo. 264 pages [I-V], VI-XVI, [1], 2-248, [1]; 4 multi-folded maps. Lithography, wood-engraving and letterpress, recently bound in hard cover with skilful care, using contemporary multi-coloured marbled cover paper.

Exhausting and profusely illustrated meteorological and astronomical study by German mathematician Theodor Reye, with 4 „storm maps“ for sailors in large format and also 2 brightly coloured plates depicting solar prominences observed and drawn by astrophysicist Zöllner in 1869.

Contents, edition: Reye (1838-1919), nowadays particularly known for his achievements in Synthetic Geometry (»Die Geometrie der Lage«, 2 vol., 1866-68), in detail describes causes, genesis and progress of different types of weather phenomena like cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes and watersprouts. A separate chapter treats 31 tornadoes that took place in North-America. Remarkably Reye also includes an astronomical topic: (eruptive) solar prominences, considered by experts nowadays as influential for the earth's climate. The 1st edition of this book was published in 1872.

Illustration: The „storm maps“, partly in large format, depict patterns of storms and historical occurrences. They were skilfully engraved in 1871 by C. Griebel for the use of German navy officers and also commercial seafaring. 2 plates show a range of brightly lithographed colour drawings of solar prominences by prominent astrophysicist Johann Karl Friedrich Zöllner. The drawings were made in 1869, when Zöllner observed several solar prominences using a particular telescope he designed himself. With this „photometer“ as Zöllner named his invention, he would also be able to measure the sun's magnitude with unknown accuracy. Zöllner's discoveries were „pivotal for astrophysics - leading to the discovery that star's brightness varies wildly among different stars, and also that the Sun is brighter than the vast majority of nearby stars.“ (Wikipedia).

Condition: Maps in parts with some small tears at joints and foldings, otherwise fine, partly uncut copy.

Reference: Killy, DBE zit. WBIS/DBA II 1066,414-424;III 745,58,60-61.

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