Rare work about festal prayers and the calendar of the Armenian Church, 1827

Order for Festal Prayers for the Holy Armenian Church]. 4 volumes bound in 1. Constantinople (Istanbul): 1827-1828.

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ԺԱՄԱԿԱՐԳՈՒԹԻՒՆ ՀԱՅԱՍՏԱՆԵԱՅՑ ՍՈՒՐԲ ԵԿԵՂԵՑՒՈՅ. [Zhamakargut’iwn Hayastaneayts’ surb yekeghets’woy, i.e. Order for Festal Prayers for the Holy Armenian Church]. 4 volumes bound in 1. With 1 (out of 4) engraved frontispieces and numerous engraved vignettes. Constantinople (Istanbul): Poghos Arapian 1827-1828.

4to. Pages [1-2 (title, frontispiece 1, missing)], 3-100; 1-4, [5-6 (frontispiece 2, missing)], 7-147 [1]; [2 (title, frontispiece)], 9-86, [87-88 (frontispiece, missing)], 89-142, [143-144, missing]. Contemporary leather binding on 3 waistbands with blind-stamped ornamental vignettes on spine and frames on boards.

1st and only edition of this comprehensive work with regulations concerning festal prayers during the Armenian religious year.

Content: The edition was published in 4 parts, where of 3 text volumes and one appendix containing a detailed religious calendar; all parts were introduced by a richly engraved frontispiece showing a scene from the bible. The famous Constantinople based Armenian printer Poghos Arapian executed with an elegant typeface in a broad frame on mould paper.

Condition: Although our copy is not complete (frontispieces for parts 1, 2 and 4 as well as title page for part 1 and the last leaf of part 4 are missing, a number of pages have faults, however most of them are restored and the texts are completed by contemporary hand with ink) this item is highly collectable due to it’s extreme rarity and importance for religious life during the Armenian diaspora. Cover in parts worn, torn and wormy, front cover with traces of glue, binding loose, faults and missing pages as described.

Rarity: OCLC, KVK and Google show only one copy worldwide in institutional holdings, at the Armenian National Library in Yerevan.

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