Rare first edition of Wallberg’s popular treatise on treatise for magicians, jugglers and housekeepers, 1745


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Johann WALLBERG: COMPENDIEUSES NATÜRLICHES ZAUBER-BUCH [COMPREHENISIVE NATURAL BOOK OF MAGIC], oder aufrichtige Entdeckung, Vieler der allerbewährtesten, nicht nur Belustigend – sondern auch Nutzen- und Gewinn einbringender Geheimnisse, Insbesondere denen Wein-Negotianten dienende / Samt mit eingebrachten kurtzen Discoursen Von der Goldmacherey, Zauberey, Macht und Wirkung der guten und bösen Geister in die Cörper von Gespenstern, u. Benebst einem Anhang der untrüglichsten , theils medicinisch, theils sympathetisch- und antipathetischer Geheimnisse. Durch J. C. Wallbergen, P. C. Frankfurt and Leipzig: 1745.

8to. [4 (double title-page)], [4 (preface)], 344 [2 (errata)] pages. Contemporary cardboard binding on white stock.

Particularly rare first edition of this comprehensive and diverse treatise about tricks for magicians and jugglers, but also household and pharmaceutical advice as well as all sorts of quackeries.

Contents: Johann Wallberg, presumably a pharmacist from Swabia, in this extensive account described tricks for card players, illusions to be achieved by the knowledgeable use of acoustics, pyrotechnics, optics and mechanics, but also recipes for herbal tinctures against all kinds of ailments, instructions for tissue and skin transplants, procedures for preserving food, with a special focus on wine and schnapps production, and finally all sorts of quackery (e.g. to transform water into wine, means of prolonging life, instructions for the resurrection of the dead and making gold). Wallberg's treatise became fastly popular, further imprints were published in 1748, 1754 and 1768.

Condition: Bottom of title sheet cut, with no loss of text however. Cover decently worn, one former tear on title page with old repair, otherwise fine copy indeed.

Rarity: RBH and JAP/APO show 3 copies only at auction since 1950. OCLC and KVK record 8 copies in institutional holdings worldwide (Erlangen-Nürnberg (UB), Hamburg (SUB), München (BSB), Saarbrücken (ULB), St. Louis (Washington UL), Stuttgart (WLB), Weimar (HAAB), Zürich (ZB).

Reference: VD18 12224308; Ferchl 565; Ackermann I, 764; Volkermann-Tummern S. 173; Carmen Kämmerer: Das Speyerer Zauberbuch. In: Bibliotheksdienst 46. Jg. (2012), H. 10, Ss. 789-796.