Profusely illustrated treasure of Hungarian folk songs in Art-Déco style, 1911

MUZSIKASZÓ [The Sound of Music]. With 25, where of 12 coloured plates, as well as numerous partly full-paged illustrations, vignettes and initials, many of them coloured and tipped-on. Book design by Árpád Basch. Budapest: (s.a., 1911).

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BASCH, Árpád; PAP, Zoltán (Hg.): Muzsikaszó [The Sound of Music]. Regény dalban [Romantic Songs]. With 25 plates with tipped-on collotype and cliché repros of paintings and drawings of 54 Hungarian artists, where of 12 coloured, as well as numerous partly full-paged illustrations, vignettes and initials, many of them coloured and tipped-on. Book design in Art Déco-style by Árpád Basch. Budapest: A Petőfi-Társaság Kiadása [Petöfi Publishing House] (Athenaeum Irodalmi és Nyomdai Részvénytársulat Nyomása [Athenaeum Editor and Printing Company], pages with text and scores; Magyar Fénynyomda [Hungarian Collotype Comp.], collotype repros; Magyar Sokszorosító Műipar [Hungarian Repro Industry Comp.], clichés) (s.a., 1911). Folio. 28,7:37 cm. [1 (front end paper), 1 (title leaf)], 256 pages, [1 (rear end paper)]; 25 plates. Original publisher's white calico with leather structure over wooden boards, with gilt and multi-colour embossed cover illustration and title in Art-Déco style as well as multi-colour illustrated end papers and gauffered edges.

Profusely illustrated and luxuriously printed collection of traditional Hungarian folk songs. This extensive volume contains 54 song texts printed with decorative typeface and accompanied by musical scores, all with ornamental vignettes and surrounding illustrations, thus each pages a unique typographic event. Some of the pages printed in two print runs, below the illustration and above text or score.

Most of all this splendid item is profusely illustrated with an great number of mainly full-paged and multi-colour high quality reproductions of paintings and drawings mainly in naturalist, impressionist and secessionist style by 54 Hungarian artists, e.g. Gyula Benczúr, István Bosznay, Gyula Éder, Sándor Endrey, Gyula Háry, Ferencz Innocent, Gyula Istvánffy, Béla Juszkó, Nándor Kátona, Bertalan Karlovszky, L. Kézdi-Kovács, Endre Komáromi-Kacz, Tihamér Margitay, Vilmos Nagy, Antal Neogrády, Sándor Nyilassi, János Pentelei Molnár, Húgo Poll, Imre Revész, Gyula Stetka, Artúr Tölgyessy, Ákos Tolnay, Géza Udvary, Ignácz Uváry, Zsigmond Vajda, Géza Vastagh and finally the designer of the book, painter and graphic artist Árpád Basch (1873-1944). These reproductions are meticulously executed with different high quality printing techniques (e.g. photogravure, collotype or cliché) on 25 plates as well as within the text. In addition preceded bibliophile rarum is elegantly bound by the renown Budapest bookbinder Gottermayer, with his signature blind stamped at the rear cover.

Cover in parts slightly worn and with decent traces of use, some pages finger-stained and a few plates slightly water-stained at margins, otherwise well preserved copy of this scarce item indeed.

OCLC, KVK, viaLibri Libraries and Google show only 2 copies in institutions worldwide, at Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, and Leipzig University Library.

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