Pochoir coloured, most luxurious Art Deco fashion and lifestyle magazine, 1924

STYL. Blätter für Mode und die angenehmen Dinge des Lebens [Pages For Fashion and The Pleasant Things of Life]. Year 2, nos. 1-4 and 5/6 in 5 portfolios. With 60, partly stencilled full-paged colour illustrations, where of 52 on plates. Berlin: 1923.

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STYL. Blätter für Mode und die angenehmen Dinge des Lebens [Pages For Fashion and The Pleasant Things of Life]. Art Director Robert L. Leonhard. Year 2, nos. 1-4 and 5/6 in 5 portfolios. With 60, partly stencilled full-paged colour illustrations after original drawings, etchings, lithographies and woodcuts, where of 52 on plates, 2 folded b/w plates after original drawings, as well as numerous, partly stencilled coloured text illustrations. Berlin: Otto von Holten 1923. XLVIII, 184 pages (continuously paginated); 52 plates, 2 folded plates.

4°. Stencilled cliché, multi-colour letterpress, Loose sheets and plates in original portfolios made of machine mould paper with multi-colour illustrated title printing, all in original green clamshell box made of thick cardboard with gilt title printing on red leather label on front board and spine.

Complete 2nd year of this gorgeous, luxurious and rare Art Deco fashion and lifestyle magazine for the Berlin hautevolee, edited under the artistic direction of fashion designer and commercial artist Robert L. Leonard and printed by renown bibliophile printer Otto von Holten.

Illustration: »Styl« is particularly captivating due to its outstanding visual appearance, consisting of hundreds of high-quality cliché reproductions of original drawings, etchings, lithographies and woodcuts in Art Deco-style. Many of them pochoir coloured, some of them also heightened with gilt and silver, all executed with utmost accuracy by Berlin colouring institute Hermann Silwar. 60 illustrations of this year are full-paged, 52 of them printed on plates. Contributing artists were Lieselotte Friedländer, Ludwig Kainer, Ernst Ludwig Kretschmann, Ernst Kreuscher, Stephan Krotowski, Jeanne Mammen, Anni Offterdinger, Emil Orlik (who also contributed a folded supplement with b/w portrait drawings for no. 3), Erna Pinner, Erna Schmidt-Caroll and Jupp Wiertz. Mainly shown are female and male mannequins presenting clothing, shoes or accessories, alongside to this luxury goods like porcelain and crystal, furniture, pianos, cigarettes, automobiles and perfume are also presented. Additionally, numerous illustrative and decorative titles and captions, as well as initials, vignettes, text frames and a harmonious typeset round off Leonhard's overall striking magazine design. Included are also advertisements e.g. by art and antique dealers like Wolfgang Gurlitt, as well as numerous companies of the fashion and luxury goods industries (e.g. Aga Automobile, Gustav Lohse Perfumes, Rosenthal Porcellain, Leutke Pianos).

Edition, content: »Styl« appeared in a total of only 19 issues (15 issues, year 1 (published by Erich Reiss, 1922), nos. 1-4, 5/6, 7 and 8/10; present year 2 (1923), nos. 1-4, 5/6; year 3 (1924), nos. 1-3). Comprehensive articles put a focus on historical and contemporary aspects of fashionable clothing as well as elegant and extravagant home decoration. In addition glosses on high-society life in the fields of dance, theatre, film and sports are also included, as well as literary texts by high-ranking authors such as Franz Blei, Alfred Kerr, Klabund and Rudolf Alexander Schröder, all of them also congenially illustrated.

Attached are 2 pink advertising leaflets by Holten to promote selling remainders of the 1st year he took over from Reiss, as well as a subscription leaflet for "Der früh verstummte Mund", a volume with poetry by co-editor Ludwig Sternaux.

Condition: Clamshell box slightly bumped at corners and margins, green cover paper with some minor faults and occasionally slightly stained, map of 1st year slightly foxy, front board of map for no. 4 with one small spot, otherwise very well preserved set.

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