Photographic album about China during the Boxer Rebellion

32 Vintage silver prints (8×5 x 12,3) on 9 white card-boards. S.l.: s. a. [1902-1906].

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32 Vintage silver prints (8x5 x 12,3) on 9 white card-boards. S.l.: s. a. [1902-1906]. Royal 8°. Original half cloth, wooden boards with multicolour, hand-made cover illustration (rickshaw puller in front of a Chinese landscape).

Important and unique album about the "Boxer Rebellion" (1898-1901) and the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05), covering photos obviously made by an Hungarian army or business representative showing portraits of personalities as well as ordinary Chinese and Japanese, soldiers, everyday scenes, furthermore buildings and bridges in Tianjin (or Tientsin, foreign trade zone with many communities of expatriates), Beijing and Port Arthur.

Annotated in Hungarian with ink by an unidentified hand on cardboards and on many of the photos, texts as following (in order of no.): 1. "Guangxu Emperor"; 2. "Yuan Shikai, the governor of Tianjin"; 3. and 4. Leaders of the Boxer Rebellion, one of them might be Shanxi's governor, Yu Shien (Yuxian, the "butcher of Shanxi"); 5. "Beijing, Chinese city wall, outer gate. 18 meters high." 6. "Beijing, second city-wall, fortified with guards"; 7. "European quarter of Tianjin. Austro-Hungarian (...)"; 8. "Victoria Road, English (...), Tianjin"; 9. "French physician, killed in the Boxer Rebellion"; 10. "Water-tower in Tientsin"; 11."Beggar soldiers before embarking"; 12. "Castle of the Mandarin in Tianjin"; 13. "A French soldier's room"; 14. "Street restaurant in Tianjin"; 15. "Port Arthur after the Japanese occupation"; 16. "Summer spa of the Chinese Emperor in Beijing"; 17. French soldiers (...); 18. "Siege of Port Arthur, 1905. Japanese women and men are fighting against the Russians."; 19. "Guangxu's "spa", 46 kilometres from Beijing. It is interesting that the water comes from two springs, one is hot and the other is cold drinking water, moreover it is [healthy] mineral water." 20. "Beijing, the main entrance of the railway station before the outer city-wall"; 21. "Harbour of Tianjin"; 22. "Cemetery in Tianjin"; 23. "Litter. The Mandarin's daughter is carried around by the servants."; 24. "Buddhist shrine in Tianjin [Dabeiyuan Monastery]"; 25. "The gate of the French fortress"; 26. "?'s family in Tianjin"; 27. "Mrs. ?, Japan, Nagasaki"; 28. "Ms.?, China, Tianjin"; 29. "French bridge in Tianjin"; 30. "Austro-Hungarian bridge in Tianjin"; 31. "? bridge in Tainjin"; 32. "Japanese bridge in Tainjin".

Front board with faults, spine and cardboards of former leporello loose, cardboards and photos partly finger-stained, last annotation with faults and therefore not readable, otherwise complete and overall acceptable, hence unique set of photographs.

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