»Periszkop« no. 1, particularly rare Hungarian avant-garde magazine from Transilvania, 1925

PERISZKOP. With illustrations by Archipenko, Bortnyik, Robert Delaunay, Grosz, Klee, Modigliani, Picasso among others. Arad: 1925.

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PERISZKOP. A havi szemle uj tipusa [A monthly review of a new kind]. Edited by György SZÁNTO. Designed by Géza SCHILLER and István PÁL. Issue no. 1 [of 5] (March 1925). With a tipped-on clichéd colour drawing by Schiller as cover illustration, as well as numerous, partly full-paged and coloured illustrations, where of many on 11 plates, containing clichéd repros of works by Archipenko, Bortnyik, Robert Delaunay, Grosz, Klee, Modigliani, Picasso and many others. Arad: (Sonnenfeld, Oradea) 1925.

Gr. 8°. (24,5:17 cm). [2 not numbered leafs (ads)], 40 pages, [2 not numbered leafs (ads)]. Cliché and letterpress, stapled in original multicolour pictorial cover on orange stock.

First of only 5 issues of this remote but nevertheless most significant and profusely illustrated Hungarian avant-garde periodical published in Transylvania.

Content, illustration: Edited by artist and writer György Szantó (1893-1961), leader of a small but very productive group of Arad (nowadays Romania) modernists loosely affiliated to the Vienna »Activists« around Lajos Kassák, »Periszkop« focussed and regional and international avant-garde tendencies and it's predecessors. International in scope »Periszkop« was nevertheless a periodical for Hungarian (and to a small extent also German) language authors, with regional editors in Budapest and Slovakia.

Present issue no. 1 contain illustrations of works by Archipenko, Sándor Bortnyik (his famous linocut portrait of Kassák) Cézanne, Robert Delaunay, Gaugin, George Grosz, Klee, Modigliani, Pechstein, Picasso, Tihany and Van Gogh. Additionally numerous clichéd photos are also included, e.g. of personalities of cultural life of sports like Stravinsky or Jack Dempsey, or stage designs or architectural compounds, all exemplifying constructivist aesthetics. Particularly remarkable is Istvan Pál's (1888-1944) constructivist, mostly red and black design for cover, typography and advertisements (on 11 pages). All illustrations of »Periszkop« were printed by Adolf Sonnenfeld in Oradea, renown for his artist's portfolios of works e.g. by György Ruzicskay (see no. 19 of this list).

Text contributions e.g. are from Cendrars, Kassák, Ion Vinea, on of them in German (Hans Liebstoeckl: „Meine Bühne. Marinetti und Prampolini.“)

Condition: Top and bottom edge of spine with faults of ca. 1cm size, paper time-stained, otherwise very good.

Rarity: Scarce, WorldCat and KVK quote only 7 sets or copies of single issues worldwide (Berkeley, Cluj, Paris (Bibl. Kandinsky, Fonds Destribats) Northwestern, NYPL, Weimar and Yale.

References: Destribats 240 (cover of this issue in colour illustr. on p. 119); Dok.-Bibl. III, 182 (together with 3 publ. of the Vienna MA-group).

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