Monumental ethnological work of reference, 1922-24

J. A. HAMMERTON (Ed.): PEOPLES OF ALL NATIONS. 7 vol. With around 100 coloured photographic plates, hundreds photogravure illustrations, 12 coloured maps and roughly 5000 b/w text illustrations after photographies. London: 1922-1924.

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John Alexander HAMMERTON (Ed.): PEOPLES OF ALL NATIONS. Their life today and story of their past. By our foremost writers of Travel Anthropology & History. 7 vol. With around 100 coloured photographic plates, hundreds, mostly full-paged photogravure illustrations on thin sepia paper, 12 coloured maps (in vol. 7) and roughly 5000, mainly full-paged b/w text illustrations after photographies. London: The Amalgamated Press 1922-1924. 8vo. 5436 S., continuously paginated. Contemporary half leather binding on 5 raised bands, with gilt title printing on spine.

Rare complete set of this outstanding work of reference of truly global scale, a comprehensive, profusely illustrated survey about the world's known ethnic communities in human history, with a special focus on their contemporary life around 1920.

Contents: Edited by J. A. Hammerton, "the most successful creator of large-scale works of reference that Britain has known" (Oxford Dictionary of National Biography), the encyclopaedia is structured in alphabetical order according to the countries the ethnic communities described where living during the documentation was made. Though the majority of texts are written out of a (British) colonialist perspective and the pictures mainly appear too idyllic (in terms of folklore and rural life) and arranged, often revealing sexist or even racist attitudes, this exceptionally rich collection shows a tremendous ethnography variety, nowadays probably lost forever.

Illustrations: Most remarkable are the illustrations, especially ca. 100 superb, nevertheless often retouched colour plates, mainly reproductions of photos by renown photographers, explorers and missionaries like Joseph-Alphida Crêté, Georg Haeckel, Francis Caird Inglis, Donald McLeish, Vennad Parikased, Herbert George Ponting, Hermann Stauder, Northcote Whitridge Thomas, Frank Deaville Walker, Walter Weston and John Claude White, with a few exceptions published for the 1st time in this work. Vol. 1 is prefaced by a „Gallery of contributors“ with short texts and photos about 70 of the contributing authors. Vol. 7 ends with a general index.

Edition: The series was originally supplied as a 7 volume set with varying publisher's gilt embossed and colour illustrated cloth covers and, at least partly, also with colour illustrated dust wrappers. A 2nd edition followed in 1934, published as a series of 60 issued with illustrated covers. Preceded set of the 1922-24 first edition was bound in a solid and simple private half-leather binding; title pages and illustrated frontispieces where not bound in.

Condition: Leather parts of covers in parts slightly worn and with some scratches, otherwise well presevered copies, scarce in sets with all 7 volumes published.

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