Letters related to Jesuit missions in Japan, China, and East and West Indies, 1593

Fortsetzung Der Zeytungen vnd historischen Berichts / auß den (…) Japonischen vnd Chinesischen Königreichen und Landen / wie auch (…) Indien. Ingolstadt: 1593.

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Fortsetzung Der Zeytungen vnd historischen Berichts / auß den fürtrefflichen vnnd weitberümbten Japonischen vnd Chinesischen Königreichen und Landen / wie auch beydes / so wol auß den Orientalischen / als Occidentalischen Indien. Darinn kürzlich doch gründlich vermeldet wirdt / was sich inn disen Königreichen / fürnehmblich aber in Japon / vnangesehen der grossen diser Zeit daselbs schwebenden Verfolgung / mit der newen Christenheit vnd fortpflantzung deß Christlichen Catholischen Glaubens im 1589. 1590. vnd 1591 Jar gedenckwürdig hat zugetragen (…) Ingolstadt: David Sartorius 1593. Pott 8vo. [1 leaf (title page printed in red and black recto)], 477 pages. Contemporary flexible parchment cover on 5 waist bands, 2 old leather hasps and red cut throughout.

First and only edition of this German language collection of numerous letters mostly relating to Jesuit missions in Japan, but also China, East and West Indies and The Americas, covering the years 1589 to 1591. The volume contains mainly anonymous missionary reports (including the obligatory testimonies of martyrdom) from the Japanese loci of Ōmura (大村市), the Amakusa (天草) and Gotō Islands (五島列島) and Kyōto (京都市) among others. Furthermore it includes letters from Francisco Perez and Pedro Martínez from the East Indies, Giuseppe Falignani from the Philippines, Duarte de Sande from Macau (澳門 / 澳门), Martín Pérez from Sinaloa (Mexico), Juan de Atienza from Peru, and many more. Also included is a report about a Japanese delegation that was received in audience by Pope Gregory XIII.

Parchment cover in parts stained and worn, however complete and with all hasps. Front cover with 1 little wormhole, that continues until leaf 2. Pages in general slightly time-stained and foxy, title page with old owner's remark „Hans Dierßen“ and with tipped-on multicoloured border at the centre bottom. Otherwise overall well preserved copy of this rarely offered book.

JBP/JAP/APO quotes only 4 auctions records since 1906 (2008, 2004, 1989, 1974).

VD 16, F 1924; Stalla 1727 (quotes 5 copies in German institutions); Streit II, 1109; Streit IV, 1756; Boscaro, Japanese Mission to Europe, 1973, p. 74 (with illustr. of title page, quotes 2 copies in Japan and 2 in Germany); Laures 215.

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