Gorgeous Portfolio with Chinese Caisson Art Prints, 1953

敦煌藻井圖案 [DUNHUANG ZAO JIING TU AN (Caisson Art Album from Dunhuang Mogao Caves)]. Beijing: 1953.

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Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, Ed.: 敦煌藻井圖案 [DUNHUANG ZAO JIING TU AN (Caisson Art Album from Dunhuang Mogao Caves)]. Beijing: 人民美術出版社 [Ren min mei shu chu ban she] 1953.

Imperial Folio (52.5:38.2 cm). [3 not numbered leaves (illustrated title, preface, table of plates)], 20 multicolour plates. Original publisher's cardboard portfolio on mint coloured ornamental stock incorporating multicolour title printing on front board, spine and margins protected with grey cloth, to close with 3 string and ribbon ties.

Gorgeous portfolio with 20 impressive plates on thin high quality paper, showing bright colour prints of Chinese Caisson ceilings, each with a caption indicating the time of its creation between 北魏 [North Wei Dynasty] (386 - 534 AD) and 北宋 [North Song Dynasty] (960 - 1127 AD).

Caissons are architectural features typically found in the ceilings of temples and palaces in ancient East Asia. Generally executed as sunken panels, they are often layered and richly illustrated as well as decorated with geometrical figures, both in bright colours. Present album includes 20 outstanding examples of caisson mural art, highly diverse in theme, composition and colour. The originals are situated in the Mogao Caves (also known as »Thousand Buddha Grottoes«) in Dunhuang, Gansu Province. Each of the large folio plates was copied by two artists, as indicates their names on the content page.

Corners and margins of map in parts slightly bumped, boards minimally worn and stained, a few traces of colour pencil on front board, margins of text leaves partly with small tears as well as dog eared, otherwise well preserved copy of this hard to find portfolio.

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