Gorgeous Moravian pattern book with multicoloured woven cotton samples, 1890

GRÖGER, MIKULASCHEK & CO. Sternberg: BETTZEUGE NO. III. [BEDCLOTHES NO. III]. Leporello with 232 tipped-in woven cotton samples. Sternberg s.a. [ca. 1890].

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GRÖGER, MIKULASCHEK & CO. Sternberg [Šternberk], Mähren: BETTZEUGE NO. III. [BEDCLOTHES NO. III]. Leporello with 51 elements containing 232 tipped-in woven cotton samples with striped and plaid patterns in red and blue. Sternberg [Šternberk]: Gröger, Mikulaschek & Co., s.a. [ca. ].

Oblong 8vo. 25:11 cm (folded). Original ruby coloured cloth boards (by local bookbinder Robert Salomon) with blind-stamped calligraphic company's name in ornamental frame, as well as tipped-on gilt label with hand-written title on front board.

Gorgeous pattern book of weaving mill Gröger, Mikulaschek & Co. from Sternberg in Moravia (nowadays Šternberk in Czech Republic). The company was the most important of it's kind in the region, a traditional stronghold for textile processing in the Czech and Moravian lands and a prospering cotton and silk industry since the 19th century. A place where important inventions were made (e.g. the Jacquard-loom by Karl Langer in 1832) and a school for weavers was founded in 1872, Sternberg in particular became a centre four colouring and weaving English cotton with it's more than 1000 mechanical weaving looms around 1900. In 1886 Gröger, Mikulaschek & Co. opened a new factory with enlarged capacity, and for appropriately increasing the company's selling activities pattern books like the present were published, in this case for promoting their exhaustive range of designs for bedclothes.

Each of the samples shows a different pattern, striped or plaid, red or blue, or a combination of those forms and colours. Each of them is sized 7:3,5 cm, tipped-on in equal arrangement following a pencil frame and marked underneath with a four-digit number (199-8695) and sometimes additionally with a letter by hand with ink.

Cover in parts worn, patterns 1-15 in parts minimally stained, otherwise very well preserved, probably unique pattern book.

Emil Chalupnik: Aus der Geschichte der mährischen Stadt Sternberg. In: Sudetenpost. Year 13 (7th Juli 1967). Linz: 1967, p. 4.

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