Encyclopaedia of Jewish life in Moravia, mostly extinct by the Nazis shortly after, 1929


Hugo Gold, Ed.: Die Juden und Judengemeinden Mährens in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart. Ein Sammelwerk. [The Jews and Jewish Communities of Moravia in the Past and Present. A collective work.] With 1 folded sketched map and numerous text illustrations, mostly after photographies of portraits, buildings and historical documents. Brünn: Jüdischer Buch- und Kunstverlag (Polygrafia) 1929. 4to (30,5:23 cm).

[16], 623 [1] pages. Cliché and letterpress on glossy paper, bound in the original publisher's cloth with gilt decorative title on spine incorporating the publisher's emblem, as well as end papers with multicoloured and gilt floral pattern.

Richly illustrated encyclopaedia about Jewish life in Moravia, just as rare as indispensable until today.

Content, Illustration: Comprehensive encyclopaedia about Jewish communities in Moravia, their outstanding representatives and their locations, from their origins in the 9th century until 1929, a world mostly extinct by the Nazis only 10 years later. Profusely illustrated throughout, mainly with well printed repros of current photographies of buildings, synagogues (also interiors), cementeries, portraits and artefacts, present work contains tens of essays of 40 academic contributors about the past and present of Jewish communities, as well as statistics and a sketched folded map; with indices of names and locations.

Condition: Spine with minor wear, otherwise very well preserved copy indeed.

Rarity: Of particular rarity in trade. As of Dec. 12th no copy is available on the market, RBH quotes only 3 copies at auctions.