Enlarged German edition of Dutch Jesuit history about missions in Asia, 1727

C. HAZART: OST-INDIEN (…) auch MOGOR, JAPON, CHINA, TARTARIA, auch BISNAGAR. Vol. 1 (of 4) from: KIRCHEN-GESCHICHTE… 3rd ed. With 4 copper engraved plates, 38 large copper and wood engraved text illustrations. Vienna and Munich: 1727.

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Cornelius Hazart; Mathias Soutermans: Ost-Indien in gemein und insonderheit; auch Mogor, Japon, China, Tartaria, auch Bisnagar [About East and South(-East) Asia in general and in particular also The Mughal Empire, Japan, China, The Mongol Empire and Bisnagar.] Vol. 1 (of 4) from: Kirchen-Geschichte, Das ist: Katholisches Christenthum, Durch die gantze Welt ausgebreitet, Insonderheit Bey nächst-verflossenen und anjetzo fliessenden Jahr-Hundert... [Church History, This is: Catholic Christianity, spread through the whole world, especially in the last and this century...] 3rd enlarged edition in German. With 4 full-paged copper engraved plates incorporating illustrated title page, red and black typographic title page and 2 portraits (Xavier, Schall), as well as 38 large copper as well as wood engraved text illustrations, mostly by J. A. Böner. Vienna and Munich: Buggel and Seitz (Buggel, Nurnberg) 1727. 4°. [1 leaf (illustrated title)], [1 leaf (typographic title)], [4 p. (printed dedication)], [4 p. (prefaces of author and translator)], [1 leaf (plate with engraved portrait)], p. 1-946 [correct 988], [22 pages (index)]. Contemporary full parchment binding on 5 raised bands with hand-written title on spine.

First of 4 volumes (1, 2, 3.1 and 3.2) of the 3rd (after 1678, 1694) and last, substantially enlarged German edition of Dutch Jesuit historian, author and orator Cornelius Hazart's »Kerckelycke historie van de gheheele wereldt…«, an in depth history about Jesuit missions of the 16th and 17th century in Africa, Asia, The Americas and Europe originally published between 1667 and 1671 in 4 vol. by Michiel Cnobbaert in Antwerp. Present 1st part contains richly engraved accounts in remarkable length in particular about the Mughal Empire, Japan, China, the Mongol Empire and the kingdom of Bisnagar.

The German translation, achieved by Mathias Soutermans, was originally published in Vienna in 1678 (vol. 1), 1684 (2) and 1701 (3 and 4). It is worth to mention that especially the 2nd and 3rd German editions of this work are not only translations but subsequently enlarged and enriched versions of the Dutch original. Where as the 2nd Dutch edition from 1682 covers Asia only in 300 pages of vol. 1 and 27 (although full-paged) engravings, this 1st volume of the 3rd German edition for instance covers Asia is much more than three times as large and has 42 engravings.

The striking illustrations, most of them originally drawn and engraved for the German translation by Nurnberg painter, graphic artist and art dealer Johann Alexander Böner (who signs „Boener“ in the plates), mainly show natives and various forms of torture and massacre supposedly or actually endured by the missionaries and their converts, but also 2 portraits of Francis Xavier (1506-1552), who had been active in Goa, India, Japan, China and South East Asia) and Johann Adam Schall von Bell (1591-1666, who even had achieved to be advisor to the Chinese emperor).

Parchment binding decently stained and rubbed, both title pages partly enforced with old paper (though complete and in good condition), first leaves with minor traces of worm damage, inside marginally finger-stained and foxy, pagination with faults (84 p. starting with p. 114 are paginated as leafs 114-156, p. 176 is numbered as p. 186),otherwise very well preserved copy of this rare item indeed.

De Backer/Sommervogel III:100.11 und VII:1407; see the on-line catalogue of KB van Nederland for the Dutch editions (2nd ed. digitalised) and VD17 and VD18 for the German ones; I DBA 119,11-17;II 147,66-67;III 93,85; 98,228-229 (Böner).

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