Detailed and profusely illustrated insight into the global fur industry around 1900

SCHÜTZ, J. Z., FUR MERCHANT: Statistical Review for American, Russian and Asiatic Raw Furs 1848-1910. 2 illustrated catalogues. Wien: 1910.


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SCHÜTZ, J. Z., FUR MERCHANT: Statistical Review for American, Russian and Asiatic Raw Furs 1848-1910. On the occasion of the First International Sportsman Exhibition in Vienna 1910. With 1 multi-folded b/w photo plate and 32 b/w photos, wherefrom 18 full-paged, as well as 19 b/w photos (enclosure). Wien: J. Z. Schütz (Kunstdruckerei Moriz Frisch) 1910.

Oblong 4to. Title leaf, 14 not numbered leafs, 1 leaf with corrigenda (oblong 12to), 22 leafs with photos, 1 photo plate; 8 [2] pages. Original publisher's illustrated softcover with tipped-in photo after a relief by Joseph Müller, gilt stamped Austrian double-eagle and title recto as well as printer's logo verso, and original publisher's illustrated, thread-stitched softcover with the same tipped-in photo and gilt stamped Austrian double-eagle and title.

Profusely illustrated and very informative fair catalogue of the Vienna based Jewish family business J. Z. Schütz (originally Schitz).

Contents, illustration: Established in the early 18th century in Prague, Schütz in the 19th century became one of the world's leading merchant in raw furs with outlets in Leipzig, Paris, Bruxelles and Berlin. Besides high quality reproductions of photos showing the companies fair pavilion and it's impressive, but for an animal loving mind also disturbing exhibition of furs, furthermore embalmed animals and even art-objects mad of fur by indigenous tribes in the U.S., as well as the companies premises in Vienna and Leipzig (offices, sales and stock rooms, it's factory for dressing and dying), this album also contains extensive coverage of achieved prices and sold quantities at the London fur auctions from 1848 to 1910. Detailed statistical information is available for 16 American furs, i.e. Beaver (also from Chamchatka), chinchilla, foxes (red, arctic, silver and black), lynx, mink, musquash, racoon, sable, sealskin, skunk and virgin otter, as well as from 22 Russian and Asiatic furs, i.e. Brown bear, cats (Russian Black), colinsky (mountain weasel), fox (red and artic), karakul, lamb (Persian and Tibetan), marmots, marten (pine and beech), mouflon, polecat, rabbits, sable, saltfur and squarrel, stoat and wolf.

Enclosed: J. Z. Schütz. History of the firm. In German, English and French. Wien: 1929.

Condition: Formerly loose front board skilfully restored, corners and margins in parts minimally bumped, otherwise fine copy of this rare item indeed, providing detailed insight in the fur industry from 1848 until the early 1900s.

Rarity: OCLC shows no identifiably copy of the catalogue.

Reference: ÖBL 11 (Lfg. 53, 1998), S. 303.

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