Bulgarian Pattern Book of »I. G. Farben«, A Rare Document of Nazi-German Economical Expansion, 1940

I. G. Farben: FARBEN FÜR WOLLE, HALBWOLLE UND BAUMWOLLE. [Dyes for Wool, Blended Wool Fabric and Cotton]. With 320 differently coloured and mounted samples . Sofia: s.a. [ca. 1940].

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I. G. Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main: FARBEN FÜR WOLLE, HALBWOLLE UND BAUMWOLLE. BOI ZA VALNA, POLUVALNA I PAMUK. [Dyes for Wool, Blended Wool Fabric and Cotton]. Vertreter: Verkaufsgesellschaft Deutscher Anilinfarben Waibel & Co, Sofia. With 320 differently coloured and mounted samples of wool, shajak [fine Bulgarian wool], blended wool fabric, carpet yarn and sulan. Sofia: Self published by I.G.-Farben, s.a. [ca. 1940].

25:18,5 cm. Original black calico binding with pictorial cover incorporating gilt title and spine.

Comprehensive pattern book of the Bulgarian branch of I.G. Farben, presenting 320 well preserved fabric samples in fresh anilin dyes solidly mounted on thick cardboard.

Contents, Historical Background: Bulgaria and other allies of Nazi-Germany played a major role in supporting the German economical expansion during the 1930s and 1940s. Under the slogan »Großraumplanung« the German industries should expand over the Balkans and Turkey until Iran. As one of the major sectors of Nazi-German business interest the chemical industry in particular grew rapidly.

It's leading player, I. G. Farben, promoted it's anilin dyes by establishing local sales companies abroad, like Waibel & Co. in Sofia, and by distributing bilingual sample books like the present. Each of the tipped-on samples therefore has a caption in German and Bulgarian language with it. In addition an exhaustive manual in both languages on how to dye the fabrics (some of them are genuine Bulgarian) prefaces present rare pattern book; a characteristic document of Nazi-German industrial imperialism.

Condition: Cover in parts minimally worn, cardboard partly dusty, sun- and time-stained as well as very slightly foxy, generally in good condition.

Reference: Arbeitskreis I.G. Farben der Bundesfachtagung der Chemiefachschaften, Hg..: „...von Anilin bis Zwangsarbeit“. Der Weg eines Monopols durch die Geschichte. Zur Entstehung und Entwicklung der deutschen chemischen Industrie. Aachen et al.: 1994, S. 59.

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