Beautiful Ehon with 36 colour woodblock prints of »The Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry«, 1810

KASEN KASHÔ [The Selected Poets]. Anthology with 36 original japanese colour woodblock prints. [1810].

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KITA Busei (artist); FUJIWARA Masaomi (ed.): KASEN KASHÔ [The Selected Poets]. With 36 original multicolour woodblock prints. S.l. [Japan], s.t. et s.a. [1810].

29:19,5 cm. 24 not numbered leafs. Original fukuro toji binding, blue covers with blind stamped ornament pattern and original printed label on front cover.

Beautiful Ehon published during the Edo period with a set of multicolour woodblock prints showing portraits and accompanying poems of »The Thirty-Six Immortals of Poetry« (三十六歌仙 Sanjūrokkasen). Sets of illustrated portraits of this most representative group of poets were popular in Japanese woodblock prints, and often hung in temples. The preface contains brief accounts on the lives of the 31 poets and 5 poetesses and also notes on their texts.

Cover worn and with some staining, binding in parts loose, with restoration of former slight traces of worms throughout, otherwise solid copy, well printed with fresh colours.

Toda, Catalogue of Japanese and Chinese Illustrated books in the Ryerson Library of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1931, p. 396 (for a similar edition, also defective, but only 20 colour woodcuts); Saikyu History Museum, on-line collection, URL: (3.1.19)

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