Brazilian elegies for Pope Leo XIII, author’s copy, 1 of 10 copies, 1901


Carlos Magalhães de Azeredo: A Leão XIII poeta latino. Elegias. 1 of 10 copies of the deluxe edition, inscribed author’s copy. Rio de Janeiro et al., 1901

Carlos Magalhães de Azeredo: A Leão XIII poeta latino. Elegias. Com traducções latina e italiana. 1 of 10 copies of the deluxe edition, inscribed author's copy. Rio de Janeiro, Recife, São Paulo: Laemmert e C.ia. (Fratelli Centenari, Rome), 1901.

8vo. [2], 50 [6 (colophon)] pages. Black and red letterpress on Japan paper, in the original deluxe edition's vellum with gilt typographic title on front board and decorative lining on spine, as well as multicoloured marbled end papers.

Elegy by the Brazilian poet and diplomat C. Magalhães de Azeredo in honour of Pope Leo XIII on the occasion of his 91st birthday, here an inscribed author's copy, at the same time 1 of only 10 copies of a deluxe edition printed on Japan paper and bound in vellum.

Author, Contents, Edition: C. Magalhães de Azeredo (1872-1963), a Brazilian writer and diplomat, who acted also a founding member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters abd who for many years was to head the Brasilian mission at the Holy See, wrote present elegy in Portuguese on the occasion of the 91st birthday of Pope Leo III. At his time Leo III, the Italian Gioacchino Vincenzo Raffaele Luigi Pecci (1810-1903), was the oldest Pope holding office, an award that is still valid today. As part of his poetical tribute to Leo III Azeredo also worked in sayings of the Pope himself. Furthermore the volume contains translations of Azeredo's text in two languages mastered by the Jubilee, in Latin by Caesare de Titta and in Italian by Giuseppe Cellini, both renown Italian poets.

The inscription on the third fly leaf recto identifies present copy as an author's copy: „Exemplar do autor / Roma 20 Abril 1901“. On the verso side of this leaf a lithographic picture card of the Pope after a painting by Théobald Chartran dating from 1891 is tipped-on. – Besides the 10 deluxe copies 90 copies of a limited edition on Miliani mould paper were printed according to the imprint. A trade edition in wrappers is also known.

Condition: Vellum binding minimally stained, binding and Japan paper in parts very slightly corrugated, otherwise very well preserved copy, unique with the mentioned features.