The Kingdom of Italy, partly coloured map by Milan specialist printers Fratelli Bordiga, 1813


G. Bordiga: Carta amministrativa del Regno d’ Italia co’ suoi stabilimenti politici, militari, civili, e religiosi; e con una parte degli stati limitrofi. Copper engraved, partly coloured map. S. l. (i.e. Milan): Fratelli Bordiga, 1813

G.[audenzio] Bordiga: Carta amministrativa del Regno d' Italia co' suoi stabilimenti politici, militari, civili, e religiosi; e con una parte degli stati limitrofi. Costrutta nel Deposito della Guerra per ordine del ministro della guerra e marina nell' anno 1811. Aggiunta e corretta nell' anno 1813. Copper engraved, partly coloured map with 56 segments on 6 numbered card sheets, pictorial legend, statistical table and graphic scale (ca. 1:500.000 in Italian miles, French leagues and kilometres). S. l. (i.e. Milan): Fratelli Bordiga for Deposito della Guerra, 1813.

129:109 cm. 56 dissected segments, backed on linen and mounted on 6 numbered card sheets with with lithographed title printing and numbering on mounted label. Copper engraving, partly coloured, folded in contemporary half leather slipcase with lithographed title printing on label mounted on front cover, all covered with marbled boards, inside a 2nd cardboard wrapper made with flaps, covered alike.

Large detailed map showing the area between Thun, Kufstein and Klagenfurt in the north, to Rome and Lake Fucin in the south, with the northern part of Corsica, the island of Elba and Istria, executed in the usual high quality way of the Milan map printers Fratelli Bordiga.

Provenance: Dr. Moritz Grolig (1873-1949), Austrian librarian, bibliographer and book historian, with his monogram stamp on the inner part of the cardboard wrapper, as well as on the linen of each of the sheets.

Condition: Edges, corners and boards of slipcase with some wear, the linen back of some sheets with little staining and foxing, otherwise well preserved map indeed.

Rarity: Particularly scarce with colouring, RBH quotes only 4 copies at auction since 1990, none of them coloured.

Reference: Marinelli 1635; Arrigoni-Bertarelli 1068.