About the methodology of science by Hegelian Karl Rosenkranz, 1850


Karl Rosenkranz: System der Wissenschaft [System of Science]. First edition. Königsberg: 1850.

Karl Rosenkranz: System der Wissenschaft. Ein philosophisches Encheiridion. Königsberg: Bornträger (E. J. Daikowski) 1850.

8vo. XXXIV, 621 [1 (Errata)] pages. Letterpress on thin white paper, bound in new marbled cardboard on grey stock with gilt title on spine, the original wrappers bound in.

First edition of this rare treatise about the methodology of science by Hegelian philosopher Karl Rosenkranz.

Contents, Author: Karl Rosenkranz (1805-79) was one of the core protagonists of moderate Hegelianism in his times and Hegel's only contemporary biographer (1844). In »System of Science« Rosenkranz elaborates his methodology of science, particularly influential for Italian philosophers of the 19th ct. (Vera, Mariano, del Zio) as well as for William Torrey and the St. Louis School of Though in the U.S. The rear wrapper contains a list with Rosenkranz' works published by Königsberg publisher Bornträger.

Condition: Binding skilfully renewed, the original grey wrappers are bound in at the end of the volume; front wrapper with fault, paper occasionally with slight foxing, otherwise well preserved.

Rarity: Though well represented at auctions with his other works (e.g. the seminal »Ästhetik des Häßlichen« (1853) this book by Rosenkranz is particularly hard to find in trade and at auctions. As of 14th August 2022 JBP/ JAP/APO and RBH show only one single auction result at all (1965).

Reference: Butzlaff, Joachim: „Rosenkranz, Johann Karl Friedrich“: NDB, on-line. URL: http://daten.digitale-sammlungen.de/bsb00016410/image_84. 14th August 2022.