Expanded version of Einstein’s Berlin Anniversary Lecture on mathematics and geometry, 1921


Albert Einstein: Geometrie und Erfahrung. Erweiterte Fassung. [Geometry and Experience. Enlarged edition] Berlin: 1921.

Albert Einstein: Geometrie und Erfahrung. Erweiterte Fassung des Festvortrages gehalten an der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin am 27. Januar 1921. [Geometry and Experience. Expanded Edition of the Celebratory Lecture Given at the Prussian Academy of Science at Berlin on January 27th 1921.] With 2 text illustrations. Berlin: Springer (Mittler) 1921.

8vo (22:14,3 cm). 20 pages. Letterpress on quality machine paper, in original publisher’s brochure on cream stock with black title printing incorporating the publisher's emblem.

Expanded version of Einstein's Celebratory Lecture given at the Prussian Academy on the occasion of the anniversary of King Frederick II, it's founder.

Content, Edition: Given in the year when he was awarded the Nobel Prize Einstein in this lecture summarised his views on the geometrization of physics. According to Pais Einstein in present lecture in particular explained why in 1912 he had abandoned Euclidean geometry in favour of Riemannian to proceed successfully with his theory of general relativity. The original paper was published as a journal issue of »Sitzungsberichte der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften«, 1921 (part 1), p. 123.

Condition: Wrappers with some little creasing and minor staining, staples rusty and binding loose, otherwise well preserved copy printed on white quality paper.

Reference: Boni, N.: A bibliographical checklist and index to the published writings of Albert Einstein, 122; The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein. Volume 7, 52 (also referred to as Einstein 1921a); Shields, M. C.: Bibliographie der Schriften Einsteins. In: Schilpp, P. A.: Albert Einstein als Philosoph und Naturforscher, 122; Weil, E.: Albert Einstein. A bibliography of his scientific papers, 1901-1930, 115; Pais, A.: Subtle is the Lord. The Science and Life of Albert Einstein (2005 ed.), p. 214.


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