2nd issue (of 3) of the most important review of Serbian surrealism


NADREALIZAM DANAS I OVDE [Surrealism Now and Here]. Year 2, no. 2 (January 1932). With four photographic plates containing repros of 12 works as well as enclosed advertising flysheet. Beograd: 1932.

NADREALIZAM DANAS I OVDE [Surrealism Now and Here]. Year 2, no. 2 (January 1932). With four photographic plates containing repros of 12 works as well as enclosed advertising flysheet. Beograd: Nadrealistička izdanja [Surrealist Publishing House] (Narodnoj Stampariji [State Printing House]) 1932. 4° (29,3 x 21,2 cm). 48 pp., 4 leafs. Original publisher's wrapper with multicolour typographic cover title and front flap (magazine). 17 x 11,2 cm. Flysheet with red colouring and black typographic printing on front side.

2nd issue (of 3) of this most important review of Serbian surrealism. Preceding no. is focussed on "autokritika" (self-criticism); due to the increasing internal struggles between the aesthetic and political tendencies of Serbian surrealism explicit artistic and theoretical positioning and justification is performed in numerous texts by the leading proponents of the movement: Aleksandar Vučo, Vane Bor, Radojica Živanović-Noe, Djordje Jovanović, Djordje Kostić, Koča Popović, Petar Popović and, of course, Marko Ristić; elsewhere a comparable manifest-like concentration of the group only appeared in the almanac "Nemoguće (The Impossilbe, 1930). No. 2 of NDIO furthermore has special importance as far as proving international relations of the Serbian avant-gardes is concerned. It contains a number of foreign contributions, particularly by French surrealists: poems and prose-writings by André Breton, René Char, René Crevel, Paul Éluard and Tristan Tzara. - The illustrated part consists of bound-in 4 plates on high-glossy paper with b/w, full-paged reproductions of two paintings by Salvador Dali (»Peinture« (or later »Tour du plaisir or Vertige«) and »Guillaume Tell«), a sculpture of Alberto Giacometti (»Objet embarrassant à poser«) and Yves Tanguy's painting »Les belles manières« sharing a page, furthermore two full-paged repros of drawings by Max Ernst ("Portrait") and Živanović-Noe (»Uspomena« [The Memento]), and finally 3 photographs and 3 further illustrations. All contributions are originally created for this issue, the original French manuscripts or typescripts were sent to Belgrade for this reason. All reproductions of paintings and drawings, except Dali's »Guillaume Tell«, are based on original photographs especially made on this occasion. To resume NDIO no. 2 "...inaugure et marque cette dernière année du mouvement surréaliste serbe, et en est l'expression la plus authentique. Il relève d'une préparation beaucoup plus poussée, même quantitativement il est beaucoup plus volumineux que le premier (...) et il suffit de le consulter pour se rendre compte assez nettement des problèmes du surréalisme belgradois de cette dernière année de son existence." - Enclosed is a red flysheet announcing the publication of no. 2 of NDIO. - Rear side of cover with publisher's advertisement listing Serbian surrealist publications since 1922.

Le Fonds Paul Destribats, no. 317; Biro/Passeron, p. 296; cit.: Kapidzic-Osmanagic, Hanifa: Le surréalisme serbe. Paris 1968, p. 212; Todić, Milanka: Surrealism Here and Now. In: Nadralizam danas i ovde. Reprint. Belgrade: 2002, appendix to issue no. 1.

Front and bottom of spine very slightly torn, paper occasionally slightly foxy, and time stained, the rear side of the flysheet time-stained, otherwise fine copy of this magazine and ephemera, hard to find in any issue and condition.

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